has launched its first fantasy gaming application

New Delhi (India), March 17: is not just a platform for the country’s current fantasy sports user base. They operate with the goal of offering a platform that serves all different types of sports enthusiasts in our nation., founded in 2022, is a fantasy sports platform that allows sports enthusiasts in India to play their favorite games virtually and earn exciting cash rewards using their sports knowledge and analytical skills. provides an interactive gaming platform to experience the thrill of developing strategies, being part of the teams virtually, engaging with other players, and making transfers in order to boost the chances of winning cash rewards. The unique feature provided by includes earning Rs. 100 by inviting your peers to the game using your unique invite code and getting 1500 as a welcome bonus.

With an exclusive offer, if you register by paying 10,000 with 100 teams and 1000 matches, you will be ranked in the Top 10 players of If the rank is not given, the amount will be refunded to your account. focuses on providing its users with a one-stop shop for all their gaming needs. With player selection done through a web-based portal, enables its users convenience and ease in selecting players and forming their dream teams.

The platform is already becoming quite popular with cricket lovers. Here is why:
It has international leagues and a number of competitions with entry fees as low as Rs 1.
By using your exclusive invite code to refer friends to the game, you can make Rs. 100.
Create your fantasy teams right now, even for the second half of a game.
Choose the five players you think will score the most runs.
Make a block of 5 overs and play them while watching live cricket matches.
After single account verification, take advantage of instant cash withdrawals.
Choose your top five bowlers based on how many wickets they will produce.

In addition, players can get Cash rewards & welcome bonuses with 100+ content on Furthermore, these points can be exchanged for real cash if they rank among the top 5 winner boards. Otherwise, it will be carried forward until the next tournaments begin according to the season plan schedule mentioned on the dashboard.┬áis an effort of ardent sports fans who comprehend sports as a genre and from a consumer point of view. It is India’s fastest-growing Platform. The team at give you access to a platform where you can come and play fascinating competitions in sports like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, and Hockey, and wear the pride of defeating the best in the nation on your sleeve.

A dedicated team at ensures all gamers are satisfied with the services it offers, which include ensuring secure transactions as well as prompt customer support service around the clock so they may benefit from free access to downloads/updates of all sports apps.

This new way of experiencing sports will undoubtedly provide a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for both serious gamers as well as casual gamers out there who follow sports solely from love or passion.