Prithviraj’s open letter to the people of Lakshadweep, also supports the Save Lakshadweep campaign which is gaining attention on social media

Prithviraj with save Lakshadweep Campaign

Save Lakshadweep campaign in social media to win the attention and support of Lakshadweep Chaddi actor Prithviraj in the industry. Prithviraj asks if development has hampered the autonomy of Lakshadweep people. With the arrival of Praful Khoda Patel as the new administrator of Lakshadweep last December, many changes have taken place. However, the people of Lakshadweep are dissatisfied with the new changes and there is widespread criticism that the administrator is imposing changes that will affect their way of life. It is in this context that Prithviraj has come out in support of the people of Lakshadweep.