Prithviraj’s Covid test results come out!

Actor Prithviraj's Covid Result

Covid had confirmed to actor Prithviraj during the shooting of his new film Janaganamana. In addition to the star, Covid also confirmed the film’s director Dijo Jose Antony. The shooting of the film has been suspended as Covid has confirmed the two. In addition, the film’s other cast and crew were asked by health workers to go to the quarantine. Now the result of Prithviraj’s Covid test has come out. Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Covid test results negative. Prithviraj Covid tested negative seven days after Covid tested positive. But the player will remain in quarantine for the next seven days.

Prithviraj shared his medical report on his Instagram page and wrote, “Tested negative on the Antigen test today. Will still be continuing to isolate for one more week to be doubly sure. Once again, thanks to everyone who reached out and expressed care and concern.”

Prithviraj Covid Result
Prithviraj Covid Result

At the time of the shooting, the actor said that the result was negative when tested, but now it is positive when tested. But the actress told fans that she has no other health problems and should not worry. Prithviraj said that the shooting of the film started on October 7 and the shooting was done with proper precautions. But it is not clear how the two became infected

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