Prithviraj will commence the shooting of Vilayath Buddha in October


Prithviraj Sukumaran will start production on Vilayath Buddha, which was originally going to be directed by the late Sachy. GR Indugopan’s novel of the same name served as the inspiration for the film. The film will now be helmed by Jayan Nambiar, a close friend of Sachy who previously collaborated with Prithviraj on projects like Ayyappanum Koshiyum and Anarkali.

In October, the actor will start shooting for the movie. The film, which was written by Indugopan and Rajesh Pinnadan, will feature the actor once more in a plot that centers on the conflicts of egos between two men. The main characters in Vilayath Buddha are a teacher and his pupil, a smuggler of sandalwood.

Prithviraj will play the role of Double Mohanan, a smuggler who swears to destroy the Vilayath Buddha sandalwood tree that his master has been cultivating on his property for a private motive. The conflict between the two divisive characters is at the main story which is set in Marayoor. According to rumors, Kottayam Ramesh is portraying the teacher Bhaskaran.

Although the movie is based on the book, the end has been changed, according to the playwright Indugopan. Additionally, he stated that the project will be carried out with Sachy’s plans in mind. Prithviraj is now in Thiruvananthapuram filming Kaapa, a Shaji Kailas movie with an Indugopan storyline. Asif Ali, Aparna Balamurali, and Anna Ben are also in the film, which stars Prithviraj as the goon Kotta Madhu.

Theerppu, a revenge-drama-cum-dark-comedy directed by Rathish Ambat and written by Murali Gopy, was the actor’s most recent film. He is getting ready for Alphonse Puthren’s Gold, which will be released on September 8. Gold will release simultaneously in Malayalam and Tamil. Nayanthara and Roshan Mathew are also part of the film.