Prithviraj Shared That He Had To Face A Lot Of Difficulties By Making Big Changes In His Body

Now everyone is talking about a movie on social media. The big news is coming in connection with Prithviraj’s Aadujeevitham. The trailer of the movie went viral within minutes. But the director Blessy himself had spoken about it through social media saying that it was not the original trailer of the film but only the leaked part. Now Prithviraj’s earlier words about the film are becoming noticeable. Earlier he said that he will never take such an effort for a film again. Those words are also noticeable in this situation.

Ever since the release of the first poster of Aadujeevitham, people have been talking a lot about Prithviraj’s look. The actor went through many phases of gaining and losing weight for the film. This is what Prithviraj says about these days and the film, the transformation you see is really the torture you give to your own body. I will never be in a picture like this again. You can’t put in such an effort for any film. Because even keeping fit does not complete this image.

Some of what Prithviraj had to say was that even though a few people are talking about my makeover, no one has seen the real thing. It was in 2008 that he committed to the goat life. I had a clear understanding of the character while listening to the story of the film. The film is committed by realizing how much effort is required from an actor’s part. It has been very difficult at times, and the film had to be put on hold for a long period of time while preparing for the shoot by making major changes to the body of the film. At that stage, I had to face a lot of difficulties.