Prithviraj Reveals The Truth About His Recent Surgery

Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran says he is recovering from an accident during the shooting of C Nima. Fortunately, he is under the care of the best doctors, the actor wrote on social media. Prithviraj said that he needs rest and physiotherapy for a few months and promises the audience that he will work hard to regain his health. Last day, actor Prithviraj injured his leg during the shooting of the movie ‘Vilayat Buddha’. While shooting the fight scene on the bus, he injured his leg ligament while jumping off. Prithviraj was admitted to a private hospital in Kochi and underwent emergency surgery.

“Yes, I met with an accident while shooting an action sequence for Vilayat Buddha. Fortunately, I am recovering under the care of the most skilled doctors to perform keyhole surgery. Rest and physiotherapy are required for a few months. I will try my best to use that time creatively. Rest assured that I will fight to get rid of the pain and make a full recovery as soon as possible and return to my activities. Thank you to everyone who came running, ached for me and loved me on this occasion,” Prithviraj wrote.

With this, the filming and pre-production of several films starring Prithviraj’s ‘Empurante’ star will be uncertain. On July 2, Prithvi was about to go to America for the shooting of Empuraan. The film, which was supposed to start shooting in September, has been postponed for the time being. Prithvi acted in films like ‘Vilayat Buddha’ and ‘Guruvayoorambala Natayl’. Apart from this, the pre-production work of many films related to Prithviraj will also have to be postponed in the current situation.