Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account hacked, Tweet asking for cryptocurrency

Narendra Modi's Twitter account hacked

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal Twitter account has been hacked. The account linked to Modi’s personal website was hacked this morning. Tweets appeared on the account asking for cryptocurrency donations to the relief fund. These tweets are currently deleted.

Twitter India responded that the account had been restored and the hackers’ tweets had been removed. It is reported that this is not an account regularly used by the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi’s account has been hacked. This verified account of Modi has 2.5 million followers.

Narendra Nodi Twitter account hacked
Narendra Nodi Twitter a
Account Hacked

Earlier, the Twitter accounts of several prominent people in the United States, including the former president, were similarly hacked. Even then, tweets demanding cryptocurrency appeared. The accounts of former US President Barack Obama, Microsoft owner Bill Gates, presidential candidate Joe Biden and Tesla owner Elon Musk were hacked in July.

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