Preparation of Chocolate Cake

Preparation of Yummy Chocolate Cake

Required Ingredients :-
1) One and a half tea cup full Maida
2) 1 tspn vanilla essence
3) 1 tea cup sugar powder
4) Half a cup milk
5) Baking powder
6) 2 Eggs
7) Milk

Preparation Method :-

Beat eggs and sugar powder in a bowl until fluffy

Add 1 tea spoon of baking powder to 1 n 1/2 cup of Maida and sieve it

Mix the dry items i.e, Maida into the bowl containing egg and sugar mixture. Then slowly add milk and whisk everything.

Milk is added slowly to get neither thick nor thin consistency… batter should be of medium consistency.

Then add 1 tspn of vanilla essence and cut and fold the mixture… do not over whisk or mix it too much.

The cake batter is ready baking

A baking tin or a German container/ vessel is taken and it is applied with oil to all the sides and bottom of it. Later sprinkle Maida powder inside to it so that batter is not directly in contact with the container.

The cake batter is poured into the vessel and baked.

For baking in cooker, the whistle and gasket has to be removed and the cooker is kept on high flame for 5 minutes and rest of three baking is done on sim

A perforated stand is placed inside the cooker and the cake batter tin is kept inside the cooker and the lid is closed.

Baking time varies from 30 to 45 minutes.

After 30 min the cake should be checked with a tooth pick or a knife at the middle of the cake. Bcz sides of the cake gets baked earlier..

If the tooth pick or knife comes out clean the cake is completely baked n done.

If its little moist it needs some more time.. leave for 10 more min. And check again..

After 30 to 40 minutes the cake is completely done

For chocolate cake all the ingredients are same and 100 gm cocoa powder should be mixed

For cream or frosting the cake…
Butter, sugar and whipping cream should be whisked to stiff peaks with whisker or electric blender and used food decoration

For chocolate cake frosting cocoa powder should be used

If one wishes to use oven the temperature would be 170° for 30 to 40 minutes

Recipe : Dr Nethra NS