Premkumar Responds To IFFK Controversy

In response to the recent controversies surrounding the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), Vice Chairman of the Film Academy, Premkumar, has come forward to clarify the Academy’s stance and procedures. He emphasized that the Film Academy has no vested interest in selecting the films featured at the festival and assured that all submitted films undergo rigorous screening by the jury. Notably, Premkumar stressed that the jury’s decision is ultimate and binding.With numerous films under consideration, it is inevitable that only a select few can be showcased at the festival. Premkumar acknowledged the challenge of narrowing down a list of 150 films to just 14, recognizing that not all deserving films may make the cut. Despite the inevitable differences of opinion, he emphasized that controversies should not overshadow the festival’s core mission of celebrating cinematic artistry.

Premkumar also took the opportunity to raise concerns about the proposal to impose GST (Goods and Services Tax) on the festival. He argued that taxing cultural activities like cinema is inappropriate and could burden the industry. Imposing GST, in his view, would add an additional financial strain on the festival and its participants.In conclusion, Vice Chairman Premkumar urged the IFFK to reconsider the introduction of GST, emphasizing the importance of preserving the festival’s cultural significance and its role in promoting international cinema. He maintained that the Film Academy’s commitment to fairness and excellence in film selection remains unwavering, despite the challenges and controversies that may arise.