Prabhas breaks Rajinikanth’s record!

Actor Prabhas breaks Rajinikanth’s record for remuneration in film Prabhas is set to make a record-breaking debut in the latest film directed by Nag Ashwin. According to records, the actor was paid Rs 100 crore for his performance in the film. Deepika Padukone will play the lead role of Prabhas in the film. The film is reportedly a sci-fi thriller set against the backdrop of a fictional third world war.


He will get Rs 70 crore for acting in the film and Rs 30 crore for translation rights. Earlier, it was reported that Rajinikanth was paid Rs 70 crore for AR Murugadoss’ Durbar. If the news is true, Prabhas will break Style Mannan’s record and become the highest-paid actor in India. Vaijayanthi Creations is rumored to be spending over Rs 300 crore on the project, which will include a number of graphics and CGI jobs. Vaijayanthi Films has announced the 50th anniversary of Nag Ashwin’s blockbuster film.

Apart from Telugu, the film will be released in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and English. Saho was the last to be released as Prabhas. Prabhas’ latest film is Radheshyam directed by Radhakrishna Kumar.

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