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Poverty in India halved: World Bank

Poverty in India
Poverty in India

Poverty in India has now been halved compared to the 1990s; The World Bank said the country’s economy has been growing at over 7 percent for the past 15 years.

International Fund (IMF) – World Bank inter-annual meeting to be held soon. A statement issued by the World Bank said:

India has achieved excellent growth in the last 15 years. The country’s economic growth rate is a record above 7 percent. Compared to the 1990s, poverty in India has now halved. Human resource development in India is excellent. Considering the socio-economic conditions of India in the 1990s, will this be the case? Was unquestionable.

India must make good use of all its resources to sustain the present growth. This is because the population is very large. Sustainable growth is possible only when used properly without wasting resources. Land should be used mainly in urban areas. Because cities play an important role in the development of the country. Agricultural productivity needs to be increased in relation to rural areas.

2.3 crore people in the country are not yet fully equipped. Extra attention should be paid to this matter. This will reduce the carbon release volume.

Next, additional attention should be paid to improving the infrastructure. Infrastructure is critical to accelerating economic growth. Investments in infrastructure need to be increased to reach an economic growth rate of 8.8 percent by 2030. Next, it is necessary to create more jobs. However, the best-qualified employment opportunities should be established. This is because 1.3 crore young people are getting new jobs every year in India. But under the current circumstances, only about 30 lakh jobs are created annually.

Lack of women working and careers is a huge challenge for India. It is worrying that India has fewer women to work and educate in the world.

Next, we need to modernize public sector enterprises in India. Improve the quality of service and productivity of PSUs. The World Bank reports that this will result in healthy competition with the private sector.

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