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Poornima’s age is also in reverse gear, Photo go viral!

Poornima Indrajith Latest Photos

Poornima Indrajith is one of the stars who follows a different fashion and amazes the viewers. Purnima always appears in a slightly different style at any public event. Now it’s a casual outfit, with a full touch to it. Purnima has recently shared pictures of herself attending the inauguration of Swa Diamonds’ showroom. The actress is wearing a sari designed by herself. Simple and Elegant.

Poornima Indrajith Photos

Apart from being an actress, Purnima Indrajith is also a notable fashion designer. Purnima tries to bring her own style in her dresses and hairstyles. That is why fashion lovers are often eagerly waiting for Purnima’s pictures.

Poornima Indrajith Images

Purnima also recently won the Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur of Kerala Award in Kerala. The award was given to Purnima in recognition of her exemplary work in life and work that has inspired other women. Along with Purnima, Shruti Shibulal and Sheela James also received the award.


Poornima Indrajith is an entrepreneur who has gone from being a film star and a television presenter. Prana, which was founded by Purnima in 2013, has been in the spotlight for a long time. Prana’s activities focused on Kerala handloom along with Indian and Western trends. Purnima also formed a group called ‘Save the Loom’ to revive weavers who were distressed during the floods.

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