Poornima shared haer love for Indrajith on his wedding anniversary.

Poornima shared his love for Indrajith on his wedding anniversary. Poornima shared the post on Instagram, sharing old memories and pictures. This is a picture taken by Mallika Sukumaran years ago at her 17th wedding anniversary.

‘He proposed to me that day. The day we took a photo together for the first time. I was 21 years old. He is 20 and up. I was an actress. He is also a student. I vividly remember this day. God, we were so in love. Our hearts were beating louder. The throat was dry. Everything looks like it was yesterday. Guess what this is? This picture was taken by her mother.

‘I would wonder if my mother ever knew what was in our heads when this clicked. She knows her mother better now. I’m sure her mother knew all this. 3 years of love and 17 years of marriage. It was a beautiful journey for us, Indra. Anniversary. ‘- Purnima. Mallika Sukumaran and others were greeted by Poornima. Srinda, Ahana, Apoorva Bose, Ranjini Jose, Abhaya Hiranmai and many others were also congratulated. Prithviraj’s wife Supriya has also written a lot of love for Nathun.Poornima’s birthday is the same day. Indrajith wished her a happy and happy birthday. Indrajith and Poornima were married on December 13, 2002. They have two daughters. Prayer and star. Prayer is also a backing singer.