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Police take action against Bhagyalakshmi and Diya Sana


It was reported last day that Bhagyalakshmi and Diya Sana physically assaulted YouTuber at his home. Its footage was also widely circulated on social media. YouTuber, the victim of the attack, is now preparing to take legal action against them. The police have also said that action will be taken against them. They poured curry oil on the body of YouTuber Dr. Vijay P Nair and beat him up for allegedly abusing women on social media.


Scenes of this were also spread on social media. Later that night, Vijay P Nair lodged a complaint against them with the Thambanur police. The complaint alleges trespassing, threatening, assault, and theft of a mobile phone. Police have registered a case against them for stealing a mobile phone and a laptop.

Bhagyalakshmi said in a press conference this morning that a person who abuses women will not be given adequate punishment if he goes ahead with the law and that he did so in the end. Bhagyalakshmi also told the media that she did not feel any guilt for what she had done.

Bhagyalakshmi said that she reacted against the video on behalf of women in Kerala and that she could not have heard it said about my mother.


If she is arrested under the non-bailable sections and taken to jail, she will not have to shave his head and will go away with good dignity. Bhagyalakshmi said that the people here and the police were silently listening to this and when three women came on the scene and called us, they would proudly go to jail if they filed a case against us.

‘I do not hesitate to become a martyr. If there is an amendment to this law, let it come here. Or there will still be lucky ones. They will have to take the law into their own hands. ‘ Bhagyalakshmi responded.

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