Police arrest activist Umar Khalid, the crime is…

Activist Umar Khalid has been arrested on charges of plotting to riot in Delhi. 

Activist Umar Khalid has been arrested on charges of plotting to riot in Delhi. Umar Khalid, a former student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, has been charged with conspiracy to commit rioting. He had written a letter to Srinivasan.

The country was rocked by communal riots in the capital in February this year. The riots erupted on February 23 following a provocative speech by BJP leader Kapil Mishra at a Muslim women’s sit-in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in northeast Delhi. A total of 53 people were killed. The majority of the victims were from the Muslim community. The rioters set fire to several houses and shops.

Umar Khalid
Umar Khalid

Delhi Police has not yet taken any action against Kapil Mishra for initiating the riots. Instead, it hunted down anti-CAA protesters who were peacefully protesting. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Several leaders, including women, have already been arrested and jailed. However, the police were unable to gather any evidence linking Umar Khalid, who was active in the struggle, to violence. Earlier in the day, Umar Khalid had said in a letter to the police commissioner that he was threatening his friends and trying to gather false statements.

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Umar was quoted as saying that one of the acquaintances was questioned by the Delhi Police Special Cell on August 29. He was forced to sign a false testimony by the police that he had called for a traffic jam in Delhi. Umar Khalid had told the police commissioner that it was part of a plot by the police to file a false case against him and that action should be taken against him. However, no action was taken on the letter. Police have also charged CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury and others with conspiracy in the Delhi riots.

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