PM Modi tweeted on the anniversary of Emergency, will never forget those dark days, attacked Congress

PM Narendra Modi has attacked Congress while tweeting on the anniversary of Emergency. The Prime Minister said that those dark days of Emergency can never be forgotten. PM Modi tweeted, ‘The dark days of emergency can never be forgotten. In the period from 1975 to 1977, our country saw how institutions were destroyed. Along with this, PM Modi wrote that let us take a pledge that we will make every effort to keep the democratic spirit of India strong and live according to the values ​​laid down in the Constitution.

Along with this, a link of BJP’s Instagram account has also been shared by PM Modi in a tweet. In this Instagram post, it has been told through pictures how Guru Dutt’s films, even Kishore Kumar’s songs were banned during the Emergency. Let us tell you that on June 25, 1975, the Emergency was imposed in the country by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. During this all the opposition leaders were imprisoned and the freedom of the press was also hampered. All non-Congress parties, including BJP, have often been attacking the Congress over the decision of Emergency.