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‘Pichathi Shaji’ got married without announcing.

Pichathi Shaji will be more familiar to the mini screen audience than Akhil Anand. Akhil is one of the few actors who has won the hearts of the audience through his character. The actor got his hands on the character of Pichathi Shaji, the character of the snow-capped flower. Akhil fills in most of the series but the name Pichathi Shaji is commonly used by the fans. The news of Akhil’s wedding has now taken over the miniscreen audience. Highlights of the wedding celebrated by the snow-covered family!

Akhil, a native of Pathanamthitta, is a professional actor but holds an engineering degree. Akhil, who had a passion for acting from a young age, entered the serial industry through a friend. Akhil entered the acting industry through his villainous role in Krishna Thulasi. Akhil, who later shone in black, is now the audience’s favourite actor.

Akhil arrives as Pichathi Shaji from his wife Onth Kuttan. Akhil, who likes to play negative characters, wants to be a good film actor. In an interview with the Times, Akhil said that the character who brought him luck will always be Pichathi Shaji. Pichathi Shaji was a goonda who misbehaved with the heroine in the beginning but people loved him. Now, when the character becomes the heroine’s favourite brother, Akhil has said that the Malayalee audience sees him as their own brother.

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