Phoenix Malayalam Movie Review

Phoenix live review
Phoenix live review

Phoenix is a Malayalam horror thriller film directed by Vishnu Bharathan in his directorial debut and written by Midhun Manuel Thomas from a story by Vishnu. It stars Aju Varghese, Chandhunadh, and Anoop Menon, alongside Bhagath Manuel, Abhirami Bose, Asha Aravind, and Aji John in supporting roles. The music was composed by Sam C. S.

Phoenix Malayalam Movie Review

Occasionally, Mollywood produces a paranormal film that aims to revive our inner horror enthusiast. The clichés are still pretty much the same, whether it’s a haunted mansion or a simple family facing an enraged ghost. The way these spirits are treated, the psychological conundrum they provide, and the underlying assumptions have all changed, though. The film “Phoenix,” which was written and directed by rookie Vishnu Bharathan and stars Midhun Manuel Thomas, manages to thrill us by presenting certain well-known clichés in a fresh way.The film centers on a family of five who relocate to a remote house close to the seashore. The head of the household, John (Aju Varghese), is a challenging individual.

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