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Pawan Kalyan’s comments on AP govt: Perni Nani, disappoints Chiranjeevi

Pawan Kalyan and-Chiranjeevi
Pawan Kalyan and-Chiranjeevi

Tollywood is by all accounts separating itself from the remarks Pawan Kalyan made at the pre-release event of Republic. His discourse set off a chain of occasions that has seen the TFCC giving a note that the Vakeel Saab star doesn’t represent the total of TFI, Nani and Kartikeya offering to back to his assertions, Posani Krishna Murali calling him out for it and various makers making a beeline for AP to meet the service. Presently, I&PR serves to assert that entertainer Chiranjeevi, sibling of Pawan Kalyan called him to express concern.


“Many individuals from the entertainment world have called me to guarantee the entire entertainment world doesn’t think something very similar, including his sibling Chiranjeevi. He let me know he’s frustrated by his sibling’s remarks and that it’s heartbreaking that he talked in the manner in which he did. He is shooting in Ooty (for Godfather) and has let me know he will meet at the earliest opportunity,” said the priest at a question and answer session.

Godfather Chiranjeevi

In the meantime, Pawan Kalyan asserted that a couple of makers had met him to share their issues. “They let me know they’re vulnerable with the public authority’s tagging strategy. They disagree with the public authority assuming control over the tagging framework. However, they aren’t showing the spine to discuss it openly as I did. I comprehend their interests also however in light of the fact that they think they should be helpful with the public authority,” he said at a public gathering.

Maker Dil Raju likewise talked at the public interview with Perni Nani, mentioning everybody to not blend legislative issues in with films. “The entertainment world is a sensitive one that is battling now because of the pandemic. We have talked about our issues with the AP government and they’ve generally reacted in kind. Hauling the entertainment world into legislative issues with just motivation harm,” he said.

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