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Pavni gets emotional with regards to her Husband’s death


Are you OK ?: The crowd asking Pavni

Bigg Boss season 5 has become one of the most loved shows within four days of the release. Recently we saw Priyanka being the focal point of fascination with her high humor sense and caring nature in the last promotion.


Today the house by and by goes into genuine mode as the hopeful proceed with the ‘Kadandhu Vandha Paadhai’ task. Over the most recent couple of days, candidates like Imman Annachi, Suruthi, Namitha, and Chinna Ponnu shared with regards to the troublesome way they went over.

In the first promotion of Day 5, Pavni Reddy shared with regards to her better half’s demise. She said ” I loved him so much, he took care of me like a child. We had dreams and we wanted to start a family together. I never thought he would leave me alone. I didn’t cry when he died instead I was angry. Now it feels like I am destined to be alone forever”

Popular serial actress Bhavani Reddy is from Andhra Pradesh and has acted in Tamil Telugu cinema. Subsequently, Bhavani Reddy has acted in Telugu serials. He later starred in serials including Rettai Val Kuruvi, Chinnathambi, Sun TV, Pasamalar, and Rasathi which aired on Vijay TV. Bhavani Reddy competed in this Big Boss Season 5 show. Yesterday, she mourned the death of her husband by telling another rival musician.

Hearing this, many fans expressed regret that there was such a tragedy in the life of Bhavani Reddy. In this situation, even today Bhavani Reddy had been thinking for 4-5 years to improve his life. I have no such desire to become a great heroine. She says with tears in her eyes that this is all she needs to be reviving until now.

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