Pauket Revolutionizes Marketing with Innovative CaaS Platform, Empowering Merchants and Delighting Consumers

India, August 29, 2023: Freshly launched this year, Pauket is breaking new heights with its founders, Mr. Sudarsan Babu and co-founder Ms. Srividya Rajagopal. As a CaaS (Coupon as a Service) platform, Pauket brings forth a contemporary marketing approach for optimal marketing returns and propels revenue growth.

“Throughout his nine-year odyssey in the startup sphere, coupons have been imperative in generating focused demand for all of his preceding undertakings. But a greater opportunity surfaced: the chance to make coupons smarter, universally usable, and accessible to all. This realization sparked the pursuit of a

solution, which ended in the creation of a platform that shifts the focus from coupon demand to coupon supply. This shaped the official launch of Pauket.Inc, a Caas (Coupon as a Service) Platform”, shared by Sudarsan Babu, the company’s founder.

Ms. Srividya Rajagopal started her career at PayPal, working as a product manager in a team focused on preventing fraud. When PayPal acquired Honey, an online discount platform, she took on a leadership role in the team handling disputes. This $4 billion integration resulted in a fantastic cashback program that allows consumers to quickly earn rewards from merchant offers.

As a key member of the team, she played a crucial role in designing the system that collects reward points from various products. Her dedication through Honey’s cashback and discounts helped consumers save an impressive $200 million. Recognizing a market opportunity, she stepped out of her comfort zone to co-found “Pauket,” a tech startup aimed at assisting local businesses in going digital and offering attractive deals through a consumer app. Ms. Srividya Rajagopal, a co-founder of Pauket, is at the forefront of this innovative initiative.

What sets off Pauket from the rest?

As a CaaS (Coupon as a Service) platform, Pauket is designed to alter the manner in which coupons and vouchers work. This platform facilitates merchants to come up with compelling promotional campaigns that contribute significantly to sales growth and brand visibility.

The fundamental philosophy revolves around enhancing the quality of coupon supply, shifting from a narrow emphasis on demand quantity. The platform’s user-friendly design distinctly demonstrates this approach. Pauket users can easily create appealing campaigns designed to elevate the rate of conversion. On top of that, the platform makes it possible for users to track campaign performance in an instant.

Core Idea: Digitize, Distribute, Track

Meanwhile, their dedication goes far beyond the creation of the campaign. Pauket presents the Pauket Claim app, which is intended to simplify coupon redemption for consumers. This app saves the perplexity of paper coupons and unclear redemption processes.

Pauket’s commitment is visible in its strategy, which is known for its simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness. The platform is driven to assist merchants in their business growth while serving valuable deals and discounts to consumers.

Pauket teams up with entities from a multitude of sectors, such as product companies, service industries, educational institutions, e-commerce businesses, branding and advertising agencies, and marketing experts. The team takes great pleasure in their connections with prominent clients such as MGM Dizzee World, Mind & Mom, Anjappar, Triumph Holidays, Toni & Guy, and several more.