Pathu Thala Movie Still Works To A Large Extent

Obeli N Krishna’s Pathu Thala is the Tamil remake of the Kannada blockbuster Mufti, which itself was loosely based on Al Pacino’s Donnie Brasco. After delivering two back-to-back successful films in the last couple of years, it’s quite gutsy of Silambarasan TR (Simbu) to pick a project, where he isn’t playing the quintessential hero and is mostly absent in the first of the film. Nevertheless, Pathu Thala still works to a large extent because of Silambarasan, who leaves a maximum impact in the limited screen time he gets.

The story is very straightforward and has been done to death in so many Indian films over the years. Gautham Karthik plays Sakthivel, an undercover cop who is tasked with the mission of infiltrating the gang AGR (Silambarasan TR), which is the most feared gangster and even the local government fears him. AGR has largely remained an enigmatic figure and very few people have seen him. When the Tamil Nadu chief minister goes missing, the government as well as the police believe AGR has a hand in his disappearance.