Parvathy’s Earlier Comments About Mohanlal And Mammooty Again Talk On Social Media

Parvathy Thiruvoth is an actress who has surprised the Malayalam cinema industry with her acting and attitude. Parvathy was left out of many films after getting into controversies. Parvathy was not seen even on social media for some time. At the end of the day, Parvathy’s comments about the superstar are getting attention.

Parvathy Thiruvoth asks if superstardom has not given anyone anything and who has benefited from it. Superstardom has never given anyone anything. It’s just a waste of time. Don’t even know what a superstar is. So who has benefited here? I don’t understand the meaning of superstar. I don’t know if it’s the influence, the image, or the star worship that drives people crazy. She is happy if someone calls her a super actor. Fahadh Fazil, Asif Ali, and Rima Kallingal are the super actors of Kerala as far as I am concerned,” said Parvathy Thiruvoth. Parvathy’s response was in a radio interview.

After the release of this video of Parvathy, many people came forward with their reactions. Most of the reactions on social media are that Parvathy mentioned the names of senior actors like Mammootty and Mohanlal because of ego. An interview from four years ago has gone viral again. “I want to say Mohanlal and Mammootty, but my ego doesn’t agree. This is for attention seeking, just ignore it, just sit as if not listening. Feminism is over and waxed and waxed. Good films will not be produced and star actors making money will see a good frustration”.

Parvathy had earlier said in an interview that she would continue to fight for equality in the Malayalam film industry. Parvathy said that life can no longer be continued without dignity and only WCC is facing questions of equal justice. Parvathy Thiruvoth had accused a scene in the Mammootty-Starrer Kasaba of misogyny. Later, Parvati’s remark created a big controversy. Parvati was also a victim of severe cyber attacks. Actress Parvathy Thiruvoth, who hit the silver screen with the movie Notebook, has become one of the best actresses in Malayalam cinema today. Apart from Malayalam, Parvathy’s presence in other languages ​​has finally come out with a Telugu web series called Dhuta. Vikram’s “Thangalaan” starring Parvathy is about to release.

Directed by Pa Ranjith, the film will hit the theaters in January. Parvathy will arrive in Tangalan with a huge makeover. Along with Parvathy Thiruvoth, Malavika Mohanan is also appearing in the lead role in the film. Meanwhile, reports surfaced that Parvathy Thiruvoth is becoming a superhero. It was rumored that Parvathy is all set to become India’s first female superhero. It was reported that Dulquer Salmaan will be the production of the film. But Parvati also came forward stating that it is a rumour. Parvathy made it clear through Instagram that no superhero movie has been decided yet.