Parvathy wanted to leave him for a higher studies, but his wish was something else!

Jayaram about Kalidas

Parvathy and Jayaram are the best couples in Malayalam cinema. They are one of the few star couples to lead a model marriage in Malayalam cinema. The couple says that the love between them is still the same even after years of marriage. Their eldest son Kalidas made his film debut as a child actor. Years later, Kalidas is making a comeback by playing the lead role in the film. Her second daughter Malavika Jayaram is currently starring in commercials. The audience is always interested to know the family stories of Jayaram and Parvathy.


Now Jayaram is open about his family. Kannan will also be seen in the movie Ente Veedu Appunteyum. I was also in the film but he was the main attraction of the film. He is the one who chooses the films he has done since then. I never selected a movie for him to act in. It was when he was very young that I got a call to a picture of my house app. He agreed to do the film after hearing the whole story of the film. He even won a National Award for that film.

Parvathy and Kalidas

He still does. He will make a film only if he likes the story of the film, whether it is Malayalam or Telugu. Parvathi wanted to teach him a great deal. But he was interested in acting. So Kannan had directly told her that he was studying for a degree and that film was his way.

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