Oscar Awards 2020: Joaquin Phoenix gets emotional after receiving Best Actor Award, ‘Joker’ speech going viral

Joaquin Phoenix wins Oscar Award 2020
Joaquin Phoenix wins Oscar Award 2020

 The names of the winners of the Oscar Award 2020, the most prestigious award in cinema, have been announced. The award ceremony held at the Dolby Theater in the city of Los Angeles, USA this time dominated the Hollywood film Joker, South Korean Film Parasites and 1917. Although the award function has been given many awards in different categories, the most talked about award is that of ‘Joker’ lead actor Walkin Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix). Walkin Phoenix has received the Best Actor Award. People from all over the world are congratulating Walkin. Along with congratulating Walkin, people are also discussing his speech.

After receiving the award for Best Actor, Walkin spoke on the stage of the Oscars and became emotional while speaking. Not only did he become emotional with Walkin’s speech, but he also made his fans emotional. On Twitter, people are sharing a video of Walkin’s speech and congratulating him, as well as describing him as a legend for his great speech. Walkin has said some important things in his speech that have touched everyone’s heart.

In his speech, Walkin advised people to give up their ego, with gender equality, protecting nature and bringing love into the world. Telling his bar, Walkin said, ‘I have been a bad person all my life, I have been quite cruel and selfish too. Working with me has also been difficult, but I want to thank those who gave me another chance. When we support each other, love each other, forgive each other’s faults, educate one another … it is the best for humanity ‘. Finally, Walkin gets emotional narrating the lines written by his brother. Walkin says my brother wrote, ‘Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow’