Torrential Rains To Lash The State For 5 Days Straight Yellow Alert Issued

As the monsoon season gains momentum, the state is bracing for intensified rainfall that is expected to last for five consecutive days. The Meteorological Department has already issued a Yellow Alert for five districts on Monday, urging residents to prepare for what could be a long and wet week.A Yellow Alert is a warning issued by the Meteorological Department indicating severe weather conditions. Residents in the affected districts are advised to take necessary precautions as localized flooding and waterlogging are expected.

The districts under Yellow Alert for Monday include. These areas are expected to receive heavy rainfall, and local authorities are taking measures to mitigate the impact. Residents are advised to avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary and to stay updated on weather forecasts. Emergency services are on standby, and relief camps are being set up in vulnerable areas.

The continuous rainfall is also expected to have an economic impact, particularly on agriculture and local businesses. Farmers are advised to take preventive measures to protect their crops.While the state is no stranger to monsoon rains, the intensity and duration of the expected rainfall have raised concerns among meteorologists.