Onion prices in Kerala fell by forty rupees

The government has intervened to curb the onion price rise in the state. Onion prices in Kerala have come down by forty rupees. The government is intervening in the market to bring down the price of sixty rupees in two days. The state government had earlier intervened to curb rising onion prices. Onions being sold in a market

The government had decided to import 460 tonnes of onion. The supply department is targeting to supply 300 tonnes of onions for Supplyco and 160 tonnes for the Agriculture Department for Horticorp. The imports are from Egypt and Yemen. You can get onion for Rs 65.onions

Imports are from Egypt and Yemen. You can get onion for Rs 65. These will be supplied from Mumbai through the Supplyco and Horticorp outlets in the districts. This is an onion imported through Nafed. Onion prices are rising all over the country. The central government argues that the price rise was attributed to flood damage in the northern states. Onions sold at Chala Wholesaler for Rs. 142 a kg for two months at Rs 40 45. 160 in retail outlets.

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