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On the remake of Masakali, A. R. Rahman gets angry!

Actor Siddharth Malhotra and actress Tara Sutaria’s song “Masakali 1.8” are currently hotly debated. The song has been getting a good response lately. The song is a remake of the song ‘Maskkali’ from the movie ‘Delhi 1’. So the composer A. R. Rahman is angry with the song.

Masakali Song
Masakali Song

What said a. R. Rehman?

“We didn’t take any shotcuts to create the song Muskkali. After many nights, this song was created by discussing with more than 3 musicians. We worked on this song for almost 3 days and we created an unraveled song. So enjoy the original song. ” By tweeting such an issue, A.K. R. Rehman has expressed his anger.

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