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On the day Manju received the award, Nayanthara unexpectedly arrived at the shooting location!


Sathyan Anthikkad is a director who has contributed many great heroines to Malayalam cinema. Nayanthara is a heroine who has contributed not only to Sathyan Anthikkad Malayalam cinema but also to South Indian cinema. Sathyan Anthikkad brought Nayanthara to Malayalam cinema through Jayaram’s Manassinakkara. But even Sathyan Anthikkad would not have thought that a heroine he had brought would be a boon to South Indian cinema. Now, in an interview, Sathyan Anthikkad is sharing his memories of seeing Nayanthara years later.


It was always a day of film shooting. The film was shot at Info Park Road, Kakkanad. It was also the day that Manju got something for them. So the journalists and the channelers were all there. Suddenly Nayantara got there in a car. The shooting of Fasker The Rascal was also held nearby at that time. Nayantara came there when she got a break. As soon as I saw Nayanthara, people started gathering there. But Nayantara did not stay there for long and after seeing everyone and talking, Nayantara returned immediately.

Then a message from Nayanthara came to my phone. I’m really happy to have read that whole message. The message was that it was you who opened the door for me to film but I do not know if I could have become an actress as you expected and I am still striving for it and this is the word I give to my guru. The message was that I had come there to see you, but I could not speak further because of the presence of journalists and the crowd.

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