Omar Lulu apologizes to Shaktiman.

Director Omar Lulu apologizes to Shaktiman Look for his role in ‘Dhamaka’
In 1997, I received a complaint from FEFKA. The costume and the role of Shaktiman were used in the film without your knowledge. I sincerely apologize for any embarrassment you may have incurred. ”- Omar Lulu said in a Facebook post. Omar Lulu said that superhero references are common in South Indian films and therefore, he did not think of copyright and wanted to give Shaktiman credit at the beginning of the film. The director explained that he is not playing the role of Mukesh Shaktiman in Dhamaka and that the elder Mukesh’s character is only dreaming of getting superpower and energy for ten seconds. Earlier, writers were supposed to include Superman in the film. Later, the director made it clear that he had proposed to include the mighty man who inspired our younger generation. Omar Lulu, in his note, said: Mukesh Khanna has filed a complaint with FEFKA president Ranji Panicker. Mukesh Khanna has complained that no one else in the film or other media can get involved in the film ‘Shaktiman’ which he directed and starred in.