Oh My God, Is it Maradona? So fat, Video Went Viral!

What’s wrong with Maradona? Is he so obese? Such is the concern expressed by many in a two-day social media sharing of a Maradona video. But those who have posted that video is one of the many hoaxes in the cyber world that have not yet realized. What is the truth behind this video?

Maradona Fat Images

It looks like Maradona, but the party in the video is not Maradona. But there is a character named Diego Maradona in the Italian film Youth. This is the scene in the movie itself. Starring Maradona, the film stars Argentine actor Rolly Serrano. 2015 – A film called Youth, which tells the story of a resort. It is the scene in the movie where people share the fatal Maradona as they see it.

The gist of the video is that nobody would say that it is Maradona at first glance. So this time even the people who share the facts in social media are mistaken.

Video of Maradona

Source: Aditya Rao

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