Ochira 28th Onam Festival


The Ochira Parabrahma Temple, also renowned as Dakshina Kashi, anticipates the grandeur of the Ochira Kalkett festival an exceptionally beautiful celebration. Besides various rituals, this ancient and revered temple practices idol worship, venerating the omnipotent force of nature and dedicated to Parabrahman, the Universal Consciousness.Drawing a multitude of devotees, the temple hosts a plethora of festivals. However, the most acclaimed among them is Ochira Kalkett, observed on the 28th day of the Onam festival, this year falling on 26th September. The festivities at the Parabrahma Temple involve the splendid display of colossal Nandikala statues, the Lord’s celestial vehicle, known as Kettukalas, arranged in pairs. These grand processions feature the arrival of Nandikesavas adorned in striking white and red hues, a captivating spectacle.

Representing 52 “karas” in the Onattukara region, this procession of immense, vibrant temple chariots carrying massive bull statues is not just a festivity; it symbolizes the steadfast faith, deep devotion, and spiritual unity of the people of Kerala. Ochira Kalkett stands as a remarkable display of culture and celebration, distinguishing itself from other temples in Kerala. In this unique setting, the Parabrahma Temple takes center stage without a physical temple structure. The 28th day of Onam, dedicated to cattle, holds significant importance and is celebrated fervently, particularly during Thiruvonam in the month of Kanni.