Obscene comment on Anikha’s photo; Abhirami says she is ashamed of those who do not leave even children

Anikha is a favorite child actress of Malayalees who shines in both Tamil and Malayalam. Actress and model Abhirami Venkatachalam has come out against some people for making a bad comment on a photo of Anikha.

Anikha Surendran

This is exactly what all cyberbullies need to do. I’m not going to get your IP address or details. It is a shame to see such people who do not even leave their children alone. Abhirami then posted that they were talking about us.

Abhirami Venkatachalam shared the post as an Instagram story. Anikha made her silver screen debut with Sathyan Anthikkad’s Story Continues Anikha also starred in Gautham Vasudev Menon’s and Siruthai Siva’s as Ajith’s daughter.

abhirami venkatachalam

Abhirami came under fire for criticizing the 15-year-old actress for not leaving children alone. Abhirami’s response was to share a screenshot of the comment as an Instagram story.

“Exactly what needs to be done with all cyberbullies. I’m not going to get your IP address or details. It’s embarrassing to see people like this who do not even leave children alone. Then they talk about us.” That is what Abhirami wrote.

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