Now all affiliated colleges will start PhD in PRSU

Now all affiliated colleges will start PhD in PRSU
Now all affiliated colleges will start PhD in PRSU

Pro. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya) University has prepared a five year integrated course at the undergraduate level. In this, three courses of BA and one course of B.Com have been included. There will be two subjects in the course of BA from the Faculty of Arts. As a third subject, the student can choose from Arts or Commerce stream. This information was given on Wednesday by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Singh gave in the press conference. He said that 60-60 seats have been fixed in each course of graduation. Admission will be given on the basis of merit of Inter from academic session 2021-22. These courses will be conducted in the university campus itself.  

Pro. Singh informed that in the new academic session, PhD will be started in all the affiliated colleges. Three Integrated Program in Arts (IPA) of the Faculty of Arts will be conducted. The first combination can choose one subject from the Faculty of Arts or Commerce with Sanskrit and Hindi as the main subjects. Apart from the second combination Philosophy and Political Science, there will be an option to choose the third subject from the Faculty of Arts or Commerce. At the same time, in the third combination, apart from economics and defense studies, there will be freedom to choose a subject of arts or commerce faculty. Similarly, for commerce, one can choose any one subject of the Faculty of Arts for four semesters with the main subject in the syllabus. He also told that every student will have to choose one other subject in the first two years i.e. four semesters and in the fourth year. Which will compulsorily be from other department or other faculty. Students will also be required to study one vocational course each in the first four semesters and one compulsory co-curricular course in the first six semesters. These courses will be based on Choice Based Credit System and Semester System. The new system is being implemented this time. 

If the student leaves the studies after successfully completing the first year, then he will get a certificate in the concerned faculty, diploma after completing two years, bachelor’s degree after completing three years, graduate research after completing four years and masters after completing five years. degree will be awarded. 

CBCS system in 11 subjects of PG
CBCS system will be implemented in total 11 subjects at Masters level in the new session. Till now the semester system was applicable in it. Now evaluation will be done under the credit and grading system. It includes Hindi, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Social Work, Applied Economics, Defense Studies and Commerce.

Grading and Credit
System for the first time It has been decided to introduce grading system along with credit system for the first time in the University. 25 percent will be evaluated internally and 75 percent will be evaluated by the university examination. One semester will be of 23 to 25 credits. 46 to 50 credits will be prescribed for one year. In these courses, instead of marking system, grading system will be applicable. AB means Absent, F stands for Fail, P stands for Pass, C stands for Average, B stands for Ebb Average, B Plus stands for Good, A stands for Very Good, A Plus stands for Excellent and O stands for Outstanding.