Not everyone is blessed with the better half they have dreamt of.. but I did !! Shaji Kailas birthday wishes to Annie


Director Shaji Kailas wishes his wife Annie a happy birthday. Shaji Kailas says he may not get a good half as everyone dreams but he has got that blessing.

“Everyone may not have the blessing of getting a good half as they dreamed. But I got it. She knows what makes me happy and what makes me sad. She is with me in both joy and sorrow. This one greeting is not enough to express my love and care for you. Happy birthday to my beloved Shaji.”

Anne made her film debut in 1993 with Balachandra Menon’s Ammayane Satyam ‘. Annie took a break from filmmaking after her marriage to director Shaji Kailas, who was part of the hit films. The actress is active in television reality shows including Anees Kitchen.

Earlier, Shaji Kailas had come out in support of his wife despite trolls and criticism against her. On her wedding anniversary, she said, “She may be tired and sad in the face of so many twists and turns, but I will always be with her and keep her strong.” Shaji Kailas wrote on social media.