Not become a Muslim by name; You have to cover your head too ‘; Noorin’s replies to the comment


Some people have a tendency to make provocative comments on posts shared by celebrities on social media. Some even respond to it. Actress Noorin Sheriff, who was noticed in the movie Adar Love, also gave a good answer to the person who came to steal it.
The actor shared a video on Facebook. It was a video of him standing in front of a billboard with his picture on it, full of joy and laughter. The actress says the reason for that.
‘Padachon is great! Even if we forget some things, he would not forget. At the beginning of her film career, there was a situation where she had to burst into tears from the same place. For the good of all. In this video, Masha is not the only one who is happy to see this … Dream! work for it. Always! The caption of the video was “Forever”.

It was a video and words that inspired anyone. Especially for those who dream of going to the movies. Everyone who watched the video gave great encouragement. But some isolated bad comments also appeared in the meantime. It doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim by name. One commenter said that a Muslim should wear a head covering in his life as well if he acts head covering on the screen.
Noorin replied immediately. Why not follow and comment on such pages? The actor said in a reply comment that it is just like this here. With this, many people came to support the star.