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No superstars in Malayalam, TRP is the king, Sajan Surya

Actor Sajan Surya is a family call in Malayalam TV. From his evergreen man or woman Gopan in ‘Sthree’ to his new man or woman Jayakrishnan in ‘Jeevitha Nouka’, every and each role is pricey to small screen television audience.In a candid chat with ETimes TV, the actor spoke approximately his 20 plus years inside the enterprise, the portrayal of guys in TV shows and the enterprise combating the pandemic.

The good-looking actor is fondly referred to as the celeb of Malayalam TV, however the actor says TRP score is the real hero of the industry.”I am not the celeb of Malayalam TV. If twenty years of being inside the enterprise make me one, humans have to watch all of the serials I do, simply the way they watch a Mollywood superstar’s movie. There aren’t any superstars in Malayalam TV, TRP is the actual king. Currently, the actor of the top-rated show is the celeb, however that adjustments every week,” he says.

Talking about the portrayal of men in Malayalam serials, Sajan shared that it’s far unacceptable to make a person’s character susceptible.”In serials, women are the primary protagonist and they are proven formidable and unbiased, that’s extremely good. But, that does not imply guys ought to be shown susceptible on-screen. To painting a woman as strong, what is the want of showcasing the man as henpecked?. This shouldn’t be the message a serial need to convey,” Sajan states.The actor additionally expressed that Malayalam TV serials are becoming tons influenced by using the making fashion and storylines of different languages, which he thinks destroy the real storytelling fashion of Kerala.”Lately, I have been seeing many serials had been the hero comes sporting a suit and coat. Where does in Kerala does a man put on it every day? Even for a feature, I do not assume Kerala men would pick out to wear it. This is the mere copying of cultures from other languages. We pass over memories which painting the slice of existence,” the actor opinioned.

Mentioning the same, Sajan added that this is the cause why he selected the display, ‘Jeevotha Nouka’, which portrays the real essence of lifestyles. The show portrays the existence of a doting brother, who is struggling to manage up with the beyond misdeeds of his father.When requested approximately the enterprise combating the pandemic, Sajan shared that difficult instances have proved that great output may be produced despite restrained resources.”After the lockdown, the industry is greater cautious. It is a need to to wear masks and maintain social distancing on the units. It is sad that the outdoor shoots have affected a piece currently. But, we proved that the story a own family can be effectively conveyed inside indoor units. It is commendable that we’ve survived it with adhering all of the tips and proved that we will nevertheless hold the industry going,” Sajan concludes.

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