No changes in the release date of KGF2 ; Rocky Bhai will arrive in October

Whole Cinema Industry’s has been stopped due to Corona and Lockdown. Lockdown has effected the shooting and release date of many movies. Regarding this cinema fans had a doubt that the lockdown might effect the release of KGF2 ? Here is the answer for that doubt.

KGF2 movie team had announced that the movie gets released during the month of October as Dasara special . But all the fans had a doubt, because of lockdown there might be some pending works so the team has not released the teaser till now and release of the movie so release might get postponed . But the producer of the movie Karthik Gowda has given clarity to all the doubts .

Karthik Gowda answered to a question asked by a fan on Instagram.. he clarified ‘There is no changes in the release date due to Lockdown. 80% of the shooting is over, remaining 20% will be shot after the lockdown”.. after getting this answers fans are much more excited to receive their Rocky Bhai !