Njanum Pinnoru Njanum Movie Box Office Collection Report, Review, And Rating

Njanum Pinnoru Njanum  Movie Review

Njanum Pinnoru Njanum” is a Malayalam film that was released recently. Directed by Rajasenan the movie offers a fresh perspective on relationships and self-discovery. The film stars a talented ensemble cast and carries an intriguing storyline that delves into the complexities of human emotions. The plot revolves around the life of the protagonist, portrayed by a charismatic lead actor. The character embarks on a journey of self-exploration, trying to find meaning in his existence. The narrative unfolds through a series of flashbacks, shedding light on the protagonist’s past experiences and the events that have shaped his present.

The film successfully captures the nuances of human relationships, depicting the various shades of love, friendship, and heartbreak. The screenplay is well-crafted, maintaining a good pace throughout the narrative. The dialogues are realistic and emotionally charged, effectively conveying the characters’ feelings and motivations. The performances in “Njanum Pinnoru Njanum” are commendable. The lead actor delivers a compelling portrayal, bringing depth and vulnerability to the character. The supporting cast members also shine in their respective roles, adding layers of authenticity to the story. Their chemistry on-screen enhances the believability of the relationships portrayed. Visually, the film is aesthetically pleasing. The cinematography captures the beauty of the locations, adding an immersive quality to the viewing experience. The music and background score complements the emotional tone of the film, heightening the impact of pivotal scenes.

Njanum Pinnoru Njanum Movie Box Office Collection

DaysBoxOffice Collection
Day 1₹ 0.03 Cr
Day 2₹ 0.04 Cr
Day 3₹ 0.04 Cr

Njanum Pinnoru Njanum Movie, Cast, Crew, And Details

Njanum Pinnoru Njanum MovieCast, Crew, And Details
StarsIndrans , Jagadish
ActressArathy Nair
June 30, 2023Malayalam
Release DateJune 30,2023
CinematographySamlal P. Thomas
Runtime1 hour 57 minutes
MusicM. Jayachandran

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