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Nitin to donate Rs 20 lakh to Corona Relief Fund

Emergency has been declared in many states while the world is in a state of horror. Many families are suffering from this. The government orders people to be safe at home. As a result, many families are starving and unable to work. As the pestilence has spread around the world, the government of every state is experiencing financial collapse. Numerous film stars are contributing to the government’s relief fund. Many actors including Surya and Karthi have contributed to this project.

Nithin Twitt
Nithin Twitt

Now the Telugu actor has announced his help for you. The Andhra Pradesh-Telangana government has announced a donation of Rs 20 lakh to the relief fund. The actor announced on Twitter that he would give Rs 10 lakh each to the two states. The actor revealed that he understands what he can do to protect the country. The actor says that he will help in setting up the epidemic.

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