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Nitin Gadkari suggests how fuel prices can be further reduced

Union minister Nitin Gadkari said if petroleum, diesel, and other oil-based commodities are brought under the single, cross country GST system, then, at that point, expenses will lessen further and both the Center and the states will produce more income. Money serves Nirmala Sitharaman will attempt to bring petroleum and diesel under GST if she gets the help of the state legislatures, said Gadkari.
“In the GST Council, finance ministers of states are also members. Some states are against bringing petrol and diesel under the GST regime. If petrol and diesel will be brought under the GST regime, then taxes on these products will be reduced and revenue of both the Centre and the states will increase,” the minister said.
In September, the GST gathering examined the issue as asked by the Kerala high court and ruled against bringing petroleum and diesel under GST. As the states went against the proposition, the gathering chose to keep petroleum, diesel out of the GST domain. Counting petroleum and diesel under GST will have brought about a decrease in close to record-high rates. In any case, subsuming the current extract obligation and VAT (esteem added charge) into one public rate will have affected incomes.
Sitharaman said the Council talked about the issue simply because the Kerala high court had requested that it do as such yet felt it was not the ideal opportunity to incorporate oil-based commodities under GST. “It will be reported to the High Court of Kerala that it was discussed and the GST Council felt that it wasn’t the time to bring the petroleum products into the GST,” she said following the GST chamber meeting.
“The way the Centre has provided relief to the common man (by cutting excise duty on petrol and diesel by ₹5 and ₹10 per litre, respectively), there is an expectation that the states will also cut taxes (VAT rates) on diesel and petrol to provide relief to the common man,” Gadkari said remarking on the new extract obligation cut.

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