Nikhila Vimal Shares Her Malabar Wedding Experience

There are few actresses in Malayalam cinema who have opinions and speak them openly. Nikhila Vimal is an actress in it. The actress has a clear stand on anything. The actor does not hesitate to say it openly. Although she acted in a few films, Nikhila was able to capture the audience’s attention through them. Nikhila says that there is a practice of feeding women in the kitchen and it still continues.

When we talk about weddings in the country, the first thing that comes to mind is rice and fish curry from the day before. I have been to Muslim weddings while studying in college. In all Muslim weddings in Kannur, women are seated in the kitchen area to eat. Nikhila says that nothing much has changed. The actor also says that the males come and stay in the female’s house. They are called Puthyapla. Nikhila also says that they will be Puthyaplamar until they die. Nikhila’s response was in an interview given to the Indian Cinema Gallery regarding the movie Neighbor Vasi. Written and directed by debutant Irshad Parari, Neighbors is a film starring Soubin Shahir, Binu Pappu, and Nazlin Nikhila Vimal in lead roles. After the huge success of Thallumala, the film is being produced by Ashiq Usman under the banner of Ashiq Usman Productions.