Nightingale of India Latha Mangeshkar was given Slow Poison back in 1963

There is no single person in India who doesn’t know Latha Mangeshkar. Whole India and people from other country had also fallen for her melodious voice. Along with Hindi Latha Mangeshkar has rendered her voice in about 36 languages around in the globe.

Latha Mangeshkar was the most popular singer of the decade. It’s shocking to hear that , slow poison was mixed in the food which was given to Latha Mangeshkar back in 1963. Latha Mangeshkar herself shared this incident with the well known writer Padma Sachdev, who wrote the book ‘Aisa Kahan se lao’ . This shocking incident was written in that book.

Back in 1963, when Latha was 33 years old , she got severe abdomen pain and she had severe vomiting. She suffered through this pain for 3 days and started recovering later. The doctor who treated Latha Mangeshkar revealed this shocking news of Slow Poison being added to Latha Mangeshkar’s food. Latha was absolutely in shock after hearing this. After this incident , the maids at the house left without informing anyone .

Post this incident before Latha had anything Majrooh used to eat to test the food before Latha ate anything. Majrooh used to say stories to keep Latha in a happy mood. This incident was shared in Padma Sachdev’s book.

The fact that who wanted to Latha Mangeshkar’s death is still unknown.