Nidhhi Agerwal is tired being called as modern girl


Throughout the previous half-year, Nidhhi’s been anxious to flaunt her great avatar from the period film and let the world in on that she can be significantly something other than a glitz dol

Since the time Nidhhi Agerwal’s first look from Pawan Kalyan’s forthcoming film Hari Hara Veera Mallu delivered, the entertainer has had a spring in her progression. l.“I’m so tired of being called a modern, glamorous girl. I don’t try to be this ultra-glam person on screen. Being glamourous comes very naturally to me because that’s just who I am as a person, even on an everyday basis. I’m happy to show people a different version of me on screen and hopefully, I won’t be put in one box anymore,”

In the movie, which is being coordinated by Krish, Nidhhi will be seen wearing a ton of

Nidhhi Agerwal
Nidhhi Agerwal

customary Indian garments and substantial adornments and says it was a difficult encounter. “I play Panchami, she’s a princess, but she’s not just a damsel in distress waiting for a knight to rescue her. There’s a lot more to her,” says Nidhhi, adding, “It’s the most physically challenging role that I’ve played till date. Wearing so much jewelry and make-up is not easy. Everything is literally stitched onto the costume. Unlike regular costumes, you can’t wear them directly, I wear regular clothes and this costume is then stitched onto them. There was no way that I could even use the washroom without taking the whole thing off.”

Nidhhi Agerwal
Nidhhi Agerwal

The sheer weight of the outfits she was wearing made it difficult for Nidhhi to shoot.“Once I’m ready in the morning, I can’t even lie down. Whether or not I have a shot immediately afterward, I have to just sit. I can’t stretch, rest and lie down like you normally do after lunch. The costumes are so heavy that I get a lot of body pains, etc. But it’s all worth it at the end because it’s such a wonderful film to be a part of,” the actress shares. In Hari Hara Veera Mallu, Nidhhi will be seen romancing Pawan Kalyan, who’s nearly twice her age. Ask her if the age gap was an issue and she quips, “Pawan Kalyan is the youngest hero at heart in Tollywood. My chemistry with him is going to be rocking. We’ve shot some scenes and they’ve come out so well. They’re very naughty, funny and cute. For me, it was the same as romancing any 25-year-old on-screen, there was nothing different.”

Nidhhi, who’s presently shuffling between two Telugu films and a Tamil venture, is continually transporting between Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. The entertainer says she began contemplation during the pandemic which assists her with resisting the urge to panic during a particularly pressed timetable. “I’m a very spiritual person in general. I pray a lot and perform a lot of pujas at home. But over the last couple of years, meditation has slowly become a part of my everyday life and it’s been great for me. Every day I dedicate at least 20 minutes to meditation. It calms me down and keeps me in a good mood, which is good for me and the people around me,” says Nidhhi.

The ascent of OTT has been one more component that has been added to her life since the pandemic. Nidhhi concedes that while she adores watching OTT shows and motion pictures, she’d need every one of her movies to deliver in the theaters. “I have dreamt of becoming an actor after watching films in the theatre as a child. So I’d want all my films to release only in theatres. But for some reason, if some can’t release in theatres, I’m still happy with an OTT release because it’s profitable for everyone. But I sincerely hope people start going back to the theatres again. Restaurants are full, airports are full but people are still reluctant to go to theatres. I understand that people are worried for their safety but I think theatres are safe and are making sure all COVID protocols are followed,” she says, adding, “People have now gotten used to wearing a mask for longer durations too. I remember when I took my first flight after the pandemic wearing a double mask, I felt dizzy after a point. But now I’m used to it and It’s no longer an issue. Airports were considered scary but once people started going, they realized it was not too bad. I think it’s the same with theatres. Once people start going and watching movies, they’ll hopefully realize that it’s not that scary and we’ll soon see more theatrical releases again.”