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Nick and Priyanka never break these rules

Nick and Priyanka never break these rules
Nick and Priyanka never break these rules

Nick and Priyanka are one of the star couples. Both of them keep sharing their photos on social media on the day of arrival. Even though both are from different country and culture, there is a deep love for them. Both inspire people as an ideal couple. Despite being extremely busy in their careers, the two have handled their relationship beautifully. In order to maintain and strengthen the love between them, both of them follow some rules. In such a situation, if you also stay away from your partner due to work, then you should follow Nikayanka’s rule. So that your relationship will be strengthened rather than sour.

Priyanka Chopra, husband Nick Jonas congratulate on upcoming Amazon Studios’ Citadel series

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas connect with each other live by phone, however busy they are in their careers, they still take time out for each other. According to him, even though they are away from each other for work, they are always connected through phone. In such a situation, if you are staying away from your partner, then stay in touch with them through the phone. You can also ask them how they are by messaging them instead of calling. In such a situation, your love will be deeper and stronger by asking small things to them. With this, both of you will not have a communication gap.

Do not stay away for more than 2-3 weeks,
both of them often have to stay out of the house for how many days. In such a situation, both of them have made a rule that no matter where they are in any corner of the world, they will not be apart from each other for more than two or three weeks. For those people who often have to stay away from their partner, it proves to be the rule breast. This will increase love, not sourness in the relationship.

Involving each other in life Nikayanka always takes care of giving each other full importance in her life. The rest of the couples must also do so. By doing this, you know what is going on in your partner’s life. With this, both of you can solve each other’s problems. If there is any misunderstanding, we can resolve it by talking.

Do not make excuses for work
During an interview, Priyanka said that both of us never think about the deterioration of our relationship with work. In such a situation, every couple should have positive thinking for each other. Along with this, he said that doing more work while in a relationship affects the relationship wrongly. It is wrong to think so. Pay special attention to your relationship as well as your career.

Time must be spent together, take time
out from your work and go on a date with your partner. By doing this, with your outing, you will get to spend time alone with each other. Priyanka and Nick’s relationship is similar. They often spend their holidays together whose pictures are seen on social media. In such a situation, you can also enjoy these special moments with your partner. Keep them feeling special. This will make your relationship deeper and stronger.

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