Newcomers in Malayalam cinema are mostly drug addicts – Ganesh Kumar

Actor and legislator(M.L.A) KB Ganesh Kumar said that “the movie sets were heavily intoxicated and the Excise and Police had to look into the matter. The use of alcoholic substances is increased in the film industry now, while alcohol has used earlier also. And so on, those who create problems on the cause of this have been expelled from the industry also. However, the drug was not used as it is now”.And he added that it is not advisable to check during the shoot to prevent the use of drugs. Police and Excise Should activate shadow police investigation, Such inspections do not require a separate complaint. In Cochin, the parties are conducting the affair. Any Filmmakers who buy drugs should be caught. The drug products are majorly sold in Ernakulam. A comprehensive investigation should be needed to avoid it altogether from the Film Industry. Ganesh Kumar has warned that Shane Nigam shaves his hair, it will be a shame. Shane brought the new director to tears. Ganesh Kumar clarified that “the disciplinary committee does not support those who are not disciplined”.’ It is not the right course of action for the producer may not bother about the tears of the director. The pain of a young man getting a chance to direct a film for the first time in his life needs to be considered. Now there are a lot of substitutes. In the past, Mammootty and Mohanlal were no substitutes. But now the Industry was also changed, you can make movies with someone else. Being proud can run out of the movies.