New-season new captain; Bhagyalakshmi for the first captain

On Sunday, Kerala witnessed the biggest reality show the country has ever seen. The show, which was hosted by Mohanlal, was attended by 14 contestants. The Bigg Boss family celebrates the election of their first captain; The captain was all-in-one home for a week without much opposition. Bhagyalakshmi sought the vote with the request that ‘if they have faith in her they should choose her’.
Bhagyalakshmi-1The show features people who have been through a lot of different behaviours. So you need someone who is so good at taking them together to get to the captaincy. Today, the second day, the group members selected the captain.
Bhagyalakshmi is the first captain of the third season of Bigg Boss. Audiences had predicted the first captain through a promo released by the channel. Therefore, their conclusion was not wrong.

Picking a captain was not as fast as last season. The captain was finally selected after a great deal of discussion. When Bhagyalakshmi said that she should choose me if she had one, Lakshmi Jayan sought votes with the opinion that she should choose me so that I can stay inside the Bigg Boss house for a week.
Last season, other contestants selected Rajini Chandy as the first captain based on their seniority level. Rajini came to the captaincy without any opposition.