New Kerala road laws to be strictly implemented from September 1

kerala new traffic rules
kerala new traffic rules

Kerala: Next time if your under-aged child is caught for traffic rule violations, you may be the one to go behind bars thats new rule! And if you are caught for a violation, the authorities may send you on a social service stint. All these new rules will be implemented from September 1, 2019

Incorporating novel changes as part of the new Motor Vehicle Act, the state government is all set to strictly implement the same from Sunday.

With the country ushering a radical change in Motor Vehicle laws from Sunday, the state government is gearing up to implement the same in full force. Vehicle checking will be made more strict from Sunday onwards, said state Transport minister AK Saseendran. If underage drivers are caught, their parents will have to face action, warned the minister.

In a press conference here, Saseendran told media persons that the government will strictly implement the new road laws in the state. The attempt is to improve the quality of driving.

Awareness will also be created on proper adherence to existing road laws. As part of strictly implementing these laws, the government is looking at the possibility of engaging those caught violating traffic rules in social service activities.

With the penalty for violations set to go up from Sunday, the police have decided to give a week’s warning period for motorists.

During this period, the police will try to create awareness among motorists. The police are also planning to bring out information brochures to give vehicle drivers.