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New education policy will meet the needs of the country, says Modi

pm modi
pm modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the new National Education Policy is going to meet the needs of the country in the 21st century. In his address from the ramparts of Red Fort on 75th Independence Day, Shri Modi said, “With the National New Education Policy, now our children will neither stop because of skills nor will they be bound by language limits. It is unfortunate that a division has arisen in our country regarding language. Because of the language, we have caged the biggest talents of the country. If people who have studied in mother tongue come forward, their confidence will increase.

He said that when the daughter and son of the poor progress after studying in their mother tongue, justice will be done to their ability. Language is the instrument of fight against poverty in the new education policy. The new education policy is going to serve as a weapon of the fight against poverty. Mother tongue is also the medium of winning the war against poverty. He said that there is no language barrier in the playground, whose result has been seen, now the youth are playing and blooming too. Now the same thing will happen in other fields of life. 

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