New Education Policy: School children will get breakfast instead of mid-day meal

New Education Policy: School children will now be served breakfast instead of mid-day meals given in government and aided schools across the country. This is proposed in the new National Education Policy (NEP). Approving the National Education Policy this week, the Union Cabinet found that giving nutritious food to students in the morning hours is more important, this will increase the students’ ability to study. In view of all these things, it has been decided to extend the mid-day meal as breakfast.

The policy states that when children are malnourished or their condition is not good, they cannot remember properly. Therefore, keeping in view the nutrition and health of students (nutrition and mental health), with the help of social workers, they will be overcome with the help of nutritious food, counseling, etc. 

Recent research has said that students who get nutritious food in the morning hours are able to study their subjects better. Therefore, in the morning students should be served an energy-giving breakfast in place of the mid-day meal.

In areas where it is not possible to provide hot food, students can be given peanuts, gram-jaggery, and any local fruits. All students will have regular health checkups under the new education policy. Health cards will also be given for the care of students.

In the revised education policy, instead of 10 + 2, under 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 patterns, students below five years will have to go to nursery classes or kindergarten. Here students will be given the emphasis on sports-based activity.

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